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We have said so much about Paros that has surely captured your imagination. Well, the truth is that everything you read or have read in the past about this island is just the reality. And, if you haven’t already, read our Paros Guide: A Must Do List (Part A). Paros is the place where the blue, transparent sea meets the horizon in an endless game of impressions. With tones of white marble, Paros is known as the radiant side of Greece as it combines tradition with hidden modernity. Visit this beautiful, Cycladic island, stay in a Paros Villa and keep it protected deep in your hearts, like the most precious secret you’ve ever known.

If you visit Paros, keep this list handy:

1. Go to Kolymbithres Beach

“Wild beauty” are the only words that fully describe Kolymbithres Beach. Located in the northwest of Paros, you will find a landscape that will undoubtedly make you wonder whether this is an actual place or not. The place is filled with rocks without spikes, almost spherical, with smooth surfaces sculpted over the years by the saltiness of the water and the air. The water is crystal-clear and the shadows of the rocks are mirrored in the sea, providing visitors with a canvas of all shades of blue.

2. Take a Horseback Riding Tour

If you find an afternoon horse riding tour on the beach attractive, you definitely have to try it. Visit the Kookoo Riding Center and you will be delighted by the hospitality and friendly atmosphere. The place started operating in 1990 with only five horses. Now there are twenty-eight- all strong, sure-footed, and attentive. Give it a try, and we are sure you will be amazed!

3. Visit the Venetian Fortress

The Venetian Castle is often referred to as the jewel of the area, the observant guard, travelling visitors back in the 15th century- when the Castle was built. Its existence highlights the importance of protecting the port where the boats anchored. Although the observatory of the Castle is half-sunk, the Fortress remains a charming sight that fits perfectly with the blue of the sea.

4. Enjoy the Palm Beach

Sandy beach, light blue waters and palm trees. Well, although it might sound a lot like Florida, it is just the Palm Beach in Paros. This beach is a relaxing countryside where you can enjoy swimming and tanning while drinking a coffee or a specially made cocktail. You definitely have to give it a try!

5. Go Sea Kayaking

Paros’ unique beaches are the best to try sea kayaking. A tour like that from Paros or Antiparos will definitely stay with you for a lifetime. Perfectly organized by tour guides, it provides everyone with a feeling of completeness. Time breaks for light fruit snacks and refreshing swims are the ones to make you fulfill your needs!

Book your car rental in Paros, and start a remarkable excursion in one of the most beautiful places in Greece. It is definitely worth it.


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