Antiparos: Secret Getaway Island

In Greek ‘anti’ means opposite and this exclusive little island of 45 sq km is directly in front of Paros island off the west coast. It is super easy to get to on a day trip from Paros, just go to Pounda or the main port of Parikia and take the little ferry.

Antiparos beaches are spectacular….

with white sand and crystal waters, and many are within walking distance of the main town ‘Chora’. This little town was built around the 15th century Venetian castle and fortress. Stroll around the stone-paved streets and visit boutiques and shop for unique souvenirs. In the middle of the island is the Antiparos Cave full of stalactites and stalagmites, and down off the south coast is the uninhabited Despotiko island.

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Getting there: You can reach Antiparos by the small ferry from Pounda [on Paros East coast] or better still by private M/Y or sailing boat. You can check the daily Pounda ferry schedule here and if you are interested in taking a yacht charter or helicopter from Paros, Athens.

Beaches: Antiparos has some of the most photographed beaches in the Cyclades, white sand, and crystal waters to rival the Caribbean. On the east coast facing Paros the waters are calm and the west side is more rugged. To get to the beaches you can walk to the nearest ones [10-15mins] from the ferry port, take a taxi or rent a car/bicycle/ATV from the offices in front of the ferry, or come across on the ferry with your car or ATV from Paros.

Glyfa Beach is wide and shallow and popular with families and only 4 km from Chora. It is the longest beach on the island and has many taverns and beach bars for summer fun. Just before this is Panagia Beach, only 3 km from Chora and quieter than Glyfa but equally stunning.

Apantima Beach is about 7km south of Chora and is a scenic beach with pebbles and super clear water. It has a rocky sea bottom in places so take your water shoes. The beach is just after the turning leading to Antiparos Cave and this lovely cove is fully protected from summer winds. It is located just below the great beach bar and restaurant Beach House Antiparos. Not to be missed!

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Psaraliki Beach is great for water sports and is only 1 km south of Chora, so an easy walk. Psaraliki is actually two beaches on the long sandy coastline, and the 2nd beach has a long line of beach trees for natural shade.

Sifneiko beach is the place for magical sunsets and has rightly earned the name of ‘Sunset Beach’. It is easy to go by foot only about 15 mins walk from the ferry port, walk through Chora and past the Venetian Castle, out the other side to the west coast.

Soros Beach is 10 km south of Chora and has natural trees for shade and clean crystal waters for swimming. There is Soros Beach Bar serving delicious food made with fresh local ingredients, have lunch and drinks, it’s a great place for all day chill-out.


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Chora: Legend says that Antiparos was a magnet for Aegean Sea pirates because of its privileged location, and so the Venetians built a castle there for protection around 1440 AD. The castle [Kastro in Greek] is now in ruins amid the traditional village. The entrance to the castle is next to the Agios Nikolaos Church. Local festivals in the Chora are great fun with food and dancing, the festival of Agios Ioannis, takes place on June 23rd and 24th, inside the castle, or the 3-day festival of Agia Marina on July 15th.

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Eating & Drinking: Anargyros and Nautica on the waterfront by the ferry dock have good food and service, great for lunch or snacks, and Sapou nearby is good for dinner and very popular. Inside the lanes of the town you will find many delicious pavement taverns and modern up-market restaurants like Papagallos and Kalokiri. From Soros beach take a short drive to the west coast and you will find Captain Pipinos, the best place for fresh fish and seafood right on the waterside. You can also have a delicious Greek meal cooked and served to you in the privacy of your villa by our gastronomy team. Then if you fancy a cocktail or two, head to Boogaloo or Loco in Chora and the night is yours!

The Cave of Antiparos: This year the cave was closed due to Covid and we hope it will open next season. It is about 10km from the ferry port of Antiparos, and for a small entrance fee you can go down into the caves to see the stalagmites and rock formations, some of which are millions of years old. The cave is about 85 meters in depth so be prepared to walk down and up the 400+ steps. The renowned Greek architect Studio React designed and built an amazing staircase, so you will be perfectly safe, just wear comfy walking shoes.

Despotiko Island: this little uninhabited island is situated almost in the center of the Cyclades and on clear days you can see all the islands around, Antiparos, Syros, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos and Ios. To get there take a boat trip from Chora or from Agios Georgios in the south just opposite Despotiko, or hire a yacht charter for the day and sail around Antiparos stopping at one of the sandy beaches on Despotiko for swimming.



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