Credit Card Rental Car Insurance Deciphered

For US & EU residents renting a car in Europe one of the most perplexing parts of finding and securing the best rate is deciding on what insurance options to choose. Complicated terms, additional car rental fees, and varying laws by country all contribute to a gauntlet of options that leave many drivers worried about whether or not they’ll have proper coverage. Well, fear not! If you’re wondering about your credit card rental car insurance we’ve got you covered with information on everything from types of coverage to costs and benefits. Simply select your credit card provider from the list below to learn more about how you can ensure proper coverage and potentially save big on rates with your credit card car rental insurance.

Credit Cards with Rental Car Insurance

Find out what coverage you’re eligible for, whether you have a standard or Signature/Rewards card, with this information on Visa car rental insurance.

Wondering what extra coverage you will or won’t need with your Platinum or World Elite card? Check out the details on MasterCard rental car insurance here.

Use this info to learn what extra coverages you can decline at the pick-up desk when you use your Discover card rental car insurance.

Save on insurance costs without sacrificing peace of mind; learn about what you’ll be covered for with your Amex rental car insurance here.

How to tell what type of credit card you have

While there are many different types of credit cards available from various institutions, almost any card issued in the US will fall under one of the four major processors: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. The processor logo will be stamped on the front or back of the card, identifying what type of credit card you have. In most cases, car rental insurances are provided by the processor, not your bank or credit institution, so this is what will determine the type of car rental insurances your specific card qualifies for. For example, Chase Freedom rental car insurance would depend upon whether your card is processed by Visa or MasterCard, as the card is available in versions from both processors.

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