Parikia is the picturesque capital of Paros, characterized by whitewashed buildings and streets, traditional windmills, and numerous historical sites. It is situated on a small hill overlooking the port. The old town is filled with restaurants, churches, shops, and the historic Frankish Castle. This area is where you will encounter many locals and get a glimpse of their daily lives. As a result, prices are lower and you can find everything you need.


There are many things to see and do in Parikia. Stroll around the old town and the Frankish Castle to feel like a local. Relax with a cocktail while watching the sunset. Visit the archaeological museum to get a glimpse of the ancient world. Let’s explore more details below.

Where is Parikia?

Parikia, the capital of the Greek island of Paros, is located on the west side of the island, about 190 km from Athens. You can reach the island by ferry from Athens or by plane. The ferry ride takes around 3-5 hours, depending on the type of boat.

How much time should you stay in Parikia?

Since the town is small and walkable, a day is enough to visit and explore its secrets. However, with many bars and restaurants offering quality products and services, we suggest visiting more than once, depending on how much time you plan to stay in Paros.

What can you do in Parikia?

Parikia offers many memorable experiences, such as visiting Panagia Ekatontapiliani or enjoying the colorful sunset. Here are some highlights:

Visiting the historic Panagia Ekatontapiliani

panagia ekatodapyliani

In Greek, the name Ekatontapiliani translates to the “Church with 100 Doors.” It is an awe-inspiring Byzantine church and one of the most important Christian relics in Greece. The current church is built above an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Aphrodite, with its pillars visible through the glass floor underneath.


The marble screen in front of the altar, inlaid with gold and silver icons and featuring an elaborately carved Madonna, is the focal point of the church. The walls are adorned with exquisite, modest, and minimalist stone masonry instead of typical murals. It is truly impressive, even to those who do not believe in God.

Walk around the old town and the Frankish Castle

The Frankish Castle lies high above Parikia, offering a view of the magical Aegean blue waters and the traditional white houses. Built by the Venetians in 1260 AD, the Frankish Castle incorporates many historical structures from Paros. You will quickly notice that the thick walls support the upper parts of Parikia’s old town. The highest point of the castle and the old town is the infamous Church of Agios Konstantinos, which offers the best view of the town, especially at sunset. Take your time to discover every hidden gem of the old town.

Enjoy Parikia’s best beaches

While the best beaches on Paros are on the east and south sides of the island, there are many beautiful spots close to Parikia, perfect for lazy and relaxing moments on the shore. These beaches are protected from the summer winds, known as “Meltemia,” making them more comfortable. Some of these beaches include:


  • Parikia Beach
  • Livadia Beach
  • Delfini Beach

Visit the Paros Archaeological Museum


Paros is rich in history that spans hundreds of years, and the island is filled with many ancient treasures and artifacts. Located in Parikia, the Archaeological Museum of Paros showcases the island’s cultural history. Among the exhibits are statues of Artemis, Gorgon, Athena, and the Nike of Paros. You will also see Roman mosaics, ancient amphoras, pots, pans, and coins. The tour takes approximately 20-40 minutes. Even without a guided tour, you can find information plaques in English and Greek at all the exhibits.

Watch the greek sunset

greek sunset paros

Missing the sunset on a Greek island means missing a magical experience. Watching a sunset in Parikia while enjoying a cocktail is a tradition in Paros. During sunset, the sky takes on many illustrious colors that change every few minutes until they darken and give way to the night. Visit Parikia’s cocktail bars for an uninterrupted view of the day fading away.

What is the best time to visit Paros and Parikia?

The best time to visit Paros and Parikia is between late April and early June, when the island is verdant and lush, and in September, when the island slows down and the tourists leave. This time of year offers long days, warm weather, and warm seas, but with smaller and more manageable crowds. Additionally, the shoulder season offers lower rates for lodging, dining, and beverages. By extending the tourist season for locals, you’re also lessening your impact on the environment.

Parikia is known for its whitewashed buildings, historical sites, and, of course, its fiery sunsets. The old town, the historic Frankish Castle and the beaches make Parikia a must-visit destination. Rent a car to discover Parikia and the surrounding area!


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