With Chaniotis Mobile Wi-Fi, you can browse the internet, check your
e-mail, talk through FaceTime and Skype or play online games with your friends 24 hours a day without being charged for roaming.

The wireless device functions as a signal transfer point (STP), allowing you to connect up to 5 devices – 4 wirelessly and 1 via USB cable – at the same time.


  • 1000mb per day
  • No roaming charges
  • Battery life up to 4 hours
  • Wi-Fi range up to 10 meter
  • The device is simple to use
  •  Simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices


Action cameras are unlike any other kind of camera. They’re designed to be attached to helmets, surfboards, cars and other objects, and they’re small, tough and simple to operate, with a lens that captures the world in high-definition video and in a wide-angle fish-eye perspective.

Their small size and dramatic POV (‘point of view’) footage has made them popular with extreme sports participants, who capture their adventures by attaching cameras to themselves or their equipment. They’re also used by TV production companies where using a regular video camera would be impossible.


  • Weight:75g (150g with housing)
  • Waterproof: 30m (case included)
  • 4K video: 24fps
  • 1080: up to 60fps
  • 720: up to 120fps
  • Stills resolution: 16MP
  • Battery life: Up to 3 hrs


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