New Golden Beach (or Tserdakia as it is its Greek name) is exactly what you understand: The golden sand creates an exotic place, where the turquoise waters make the experience even more stunning.

In a close distance, it is located the Golden Beach, and these two beaches are the best-known locations in the Cyclades for windsurfing. 

Where is located Paros New Golden Beach?


New Golden Beach is located 22 km from Parikia, in a close distance to the tourist resort of Logaras. It is a long, sandy and well-organized beach on the south-eastern side of the island, overlooking the island of Naxos, which is situated close by.

How to get to New Golden Beach in Paros?

You can go to New Golden Beach by bus or boat from Parikia. There are several itineraries during the day, but keep in mind that the beach is famous and each bus or boat gets very crowded especially in July and August.

If you want to visit the beach conveniently and at your own pace, you can rent a car or ATV and enjoy the flexibility you need on an island like Paros, where you can visit at once many beaches that are located close to each other.

What to do: Activities and facilities

New Golden Beach is a well-equipped beach with every facility you may need. You can find umbrellas and sunbeds as well as restaurants and cafes on the coastline. So, you can relax and spend your whole day on the beach.

The beach is excellent for sunbathing and swimming, as it is renowned for its crystal-clear waters that give you the ultimate refreshing experience.

Plus, there are many water-sports centres, so you can have fun with windsurfing or snorkelling. Especially for the windsurfers, the place is paradise and attracts hundreds of athletes each year. The water-sports centres offer training as well, so you can learn this amazing sport together with your children!

Accommodation and restaurants

The surrounding area of New Golden beach is full of many accommodation options, such as hotels, studios and rooms to let. So, if you want to avoid the crowded Parikia or Logaras, you can stay there and enjoy your vacation on the beachfront.

The area also offers a plethora of cafes, taverns and restaurants with Greek and international cuisine. Plus, you can enjoy the nightlife in the bars surrounding the beach.


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