Holidays are undoubtedly the best days of the year as we all look forward to them, especially when they take place on Greek islands such as the enchanting Paros.

But to enjoy your vacation in comfort and carefree without any hassle and stress, you need to have arranged a few things in advance so that you do not run at the last minute. Some of them are:

  1. Transportation tickets to the island you have chosen (ferry or air)
  2. Accommodation in accommodation of your choice
  3. Movement inside the island

Regarding the 3rd you may not have thought much about it but we are here to assure you that it is very important to find the ideal way to move around the island and of course at the lowest cost.

If you choose to visit the island with your own vehicle, you are forced to reject the choice of plane while your ferries raise your budget considerably. So, the solution of renting a vehicle from there, is undoubtedly the best.

While searching for the perfect car for your vacation you may come across a thought about the gearbox. What should I choose, automatic or normal? Our knowledge and experience will help you choose the one that suits you.

Manual Car

Total control

One of the most important advantages of manual transmissions over automatic transmissions is that the driver can have complete control over the car.

The direct communication that develops with the vehicle and the control of the torque, gives the driver the opportunity to enjoy the driving process more since he participates more in it.


However, the manual transmission also applies to those who want a car with low fuel consumption.

With the manual transmission you can ensure reduced consumption and greater autonomy in the tank of your car.

Automatic car

Unlike the manual transmission we talked about earlier, which uses a mechanical clutch, the automatic has hydraulic systems (torque converter).

In general, driving an automatic car is smoother and easier than manual.

Ideal for traffic jams

Nobody likes traffic, especially when you are on vacation. It is quite annoying for every 2 meters to press the clutch, to put first, to press the accelerator and immediately after the brake and again clutch, dead and the same from the beginning.

If you choose an automatic car, this process becomes very easy. So, in places or moments when the island will be busy, the automatic car will not tire you for a minute!

Ideal for an unknown road

The convenience of an automatic car lies not only in the issue of traffic but also in the comfortable driving on roads that may be completely unknown! When we visit the island for the first time, we want to explore it from end to end.

This means that we can find ourselves on roads with ups, downs and turns. The automatic car changes the appropriate speed there and properly, taking the driver out of the difficult position of the wrong choice.

So what are the advantages of the automatic car?

  • Lower consumption
  • Faster changes
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Improved ergonomics and concentration on the steering wheel since you do not need to turn your attention to the lever for changing gears

It is a given that renting a car in Paros is the best option. We analyzed all the options related to manual and automatic car.

So, if you are still wondering what car to choose for your vacation in Paros, the automatic may be a great choice; but whatever you choose Paros Rentals is here to give you the best solution. Whatever you are looking for you will find it here without effort and waste of time.


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